<body bgcolor="#ffffff"> <h1><b><font face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular"><u>Welcome To Oska's Ltd &amp; Model Alert<br></h1> <b><font size="2" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular">Wales And The West Actors, Promotions &amp; Models Agency.<br> </font></b> <p><b><font size="2" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular">Oska's Ltd is an established Model and Actors agency dedicated to providing a service to Television, Film, Entertainment and Photographic Companies since 1994.<br> </font></b></p> <p><b><font size="2" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular">We supply Models and Actors on our books to Companies for any work related to the Entertainment and modelling Industry including Television, Film Advertising &amp; Promotions.<br> </font></b></p> <p><b><font size="2" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular">This website showcases a few examples of our experienced Models &amp; Actors that we have available for work. Click the text to the left to enter the site section and see some of Oska's, Artistes, Models, Entertainers, Promotions and Actors.<br> </font></b></p> <p></p> <p><font size="2" color="black" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular"><b><a href="http://www.oskas.com" target="_top">Home</a> &#149; <a href="mailto:kath@oskas.com">Email</a> &#149; <a href="luckysweep/index.html">Sweep</a> &#149; <a href="models/index.html">Models</a> &#149; <a href="promotions/index.html">Promotions</a> &#149; <a href="artistes/index.html">Extras</a> &#149; <a href="about/index.html">About</a> &#149; <a href="links/index.html">Links</a> &#149; <a href="actors/index.html">Actors</a></b></font></p> <p></p> <p><b><font size="2" face="Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular">Fashion &amp; Glamour modelling news, information and publicity for Cardiff and South Wales models. Links to Welsh and English model agencies and useful resources for models in <a href="models/advice/advice.html">advice</a>.<br> </font></b></p> <p></p> </body>